The most crucial part of cleaning equipment in the pharmaceutical industry is to reach high performance during the process. It is also important that the achieved results are compatible with utterly demanding quality targets and protracted qualification processes. Fortunately, Altum’s software-guided power ultrasound can deliver benefits when used as a cleaning method in the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Enhancing the cleaning effect with mechanical cleaning

Altum’s power ultrasound can clean industrial dirt in the target location by adding a mechanical cleaning effect. If production equipment is still partially fouled, despite the lengthy washes, power ultrasound can be used at the same time as an additional cleaning procedure to get to outstanding results. 

2. Cleaning process of the extensive equipment

In addition to cleaning pipelines, power ultrasound can be used in all places of the pharmaceutical plant. Industrial equipment such as cooling devices and heat exchangers usually require critical support functions and regular cleaning, which can be done by Altum’s software-guided power ultrasound without the need to stop the production process or opening the equipment.

3. Improvements in washing performance

The use of power ultrasound helps pharmaceutical companies to improve their washing performance and quality without making any changes to any process parameters. Moreover, the ultrasonic cleaning method can be used to avoid the redeposition of coating reagents in CIP pipes or eliminate the existing deposits, such as TiO2 residues.

Also, Altum’s power ultrasound cleaning method enables achieving financial and environmental benefits due to its ability to maximize energy efficiency and decreasing the use of chemical washing.

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