What makes Power Ultrasound different? Where can it be applied? Why is it so effective against fouling? Find all these answers and more useful information in one single document here.

In a world where industries are looking for ways to improve their production output and processes, there is a reason why there are so many types of solutions to clean fouling from industrial equipment. Power Ultrasound is part of a selective group of disruptive technologies that are changing the game and helping industries perform in ways that were not seen before.

Even though all of these methods promise to clean fouling, we know that it isn’t the optimal way to do it. There will always be a new way to improve and this is what we have done for the last two years.
In the guide, you’ll read more about how Altum Technologies came to lead the Power Ultrasound world and how our solution differentiates from other fouling removal options.

How did Altum’s Power Ultrasound idea was created?

For many years, COO Bo Malmberg and CEO Matias Tainela had their venture importing different sonic and ultrasonic cleantech solutions. Their aim since the beginning was to help their clients clean fouling in industrial equipment.

Altum Technologies founders Power Ultrasound Fouling
Altum Technologies’ founders, from left to right: Matias Tainela CEO, Petro Moilanen CScO, Timo Rauhala CTO, Bo Malmberg COO and Prof. Edward Haeggström Senior Advisor.

During this period, several of their customers asked: “Do you have a product that can clean our fouled equipment with ultrasound without the need to stop production?”.

Bo and Matias looked all over the world to import a solution that could do this, but nothing was found. All the ultrasound technologies out there were just too weak, and there was no way to control the power to clean equipment.

The next question from their customers was: “Could you create one solution for us? We are ready to pay for it”. Since Bo and Matias didn’t know how to create this kind of ultrasonic solution, they decided to research on who could be the best person to develop such a system.

“Finally, someone has an industrial market need understanding. I have a world-class team that can develop a high-power ultrasonic solution, such as the one your clients are asking.” -Prof. Edward Haeggström, Altum’s Senior Advisor

Gathering The Right Team

After some days, all fingers pointed to professor Edward Haeggström from the University of Helsinki. As Matias says: “when talking to Edward about our idea, it was a match made in heaven”. Edward came back saying that finally, someone has an industrial market need understanding, he has a world-class team that can develop a high-power ultrasonic solution such as the one required.

This is the reason Edward brought Timo Rauhala (CTO) and Petro Moilanen, Ph.D. (Chief Science Officer), to the team. With five co-founders, Altum Technologies was born in May 2016, and the rest is history.

How is this different from any ultrasonic solution out there?

Power Ultrasound by Altum Technologies Clean Fouling

We are proud to say that no one in the world can do what we do. Thanks to our software, we can increase and decrease ultrasonic power at will and point this power at a specific area inside the industrial equipment. No need to stop production, no more random cavitation which doesn’t clean and say bye to toxic fouling cleaning chemicals.

The secret sauce is in our software, which controls our hardware but also the fusion of the brilliant minds of our team, which sums more than 100 years in ultrasound experience. Altum Technologies has at this point 15 employees and counting.

What is this Ultimate Guide to Power Ultrasound?

Since the year of our foundation, we have received plenty of questions from customers, partners and investors. We have gathered the top 20 questions in this document, which can be yours right now. We hope that by understanding Power Ultrasound more deeply, we can together create a movement towards a world without fouling and without industrial pollution due to this issue.

In addition to the answers to the top 20 questions, other topics included in the document are:

  • Facts about our enemy: fouling
  • How to get rid of the issue
  • The technology behind Altum’s Power Ultrasound
  • Features
  • Comparison with other methods

Now you can download the guide for free from the link below!

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