During this week (October 2nd-4th), Altum Technologies’ CEO Matias Tainela and COO Bo Malmberg will be taking part in one of the biggest mining conferences and exhibitions in the world.

Toronto Mines and Technology

It is the right time for Altum Technologies to attend Toronto Mines and Technology. This event will create a path for our international expansion as we are seeking to spread the word of our unique power ultrasound to clean fouling without any stoppages or equipment dismantling. We have already been at Powtech 2017 this week and now we want to disrupt the mining industry completely.

Our technology is very new as we released AltumPI (for pipes) during June 2017, and there are many details and recent developments that haven’t reached one of the industries that have severe issues with fouling. So we didn’t want to let go of the opportunity to present this solution to all of the mining companies attending the event.

Optimizing mining efficiency with cutting-edge tech

This year’s Toronto Mines and Technology’s primary target is to “optimize mining efficiency with cutting-edge technologies. Based on the practical case studies from the leading mining companies in the world and presentations from innovative solution providers, Mines and Technology will address only the most critical topics and concerns of the target market and which technologies are best placed to address these.” Altum Technologies fits #MTToronto17’s goal completely, and we will be looking forward to having great conversations around these topics.

As we are already working with a mining company, our engineers have benchmarks of our ultrasound cleaning capacity for this specific industry. We want to collaborate with mining companies to help them optimize their process. Have you thought about a fouling maintenance-free process? What would you do with one more day of production a year? This is the holy grail for our clients, and therefore we want to share it with the mining industry too.

Transform Sound into Performance

We will be located in Exhibition Stand 6, so we can meet there and tell you more about how together with our clients we are eliminating fouling while transforming Sound into Performance. You can read the company’s official description on MTToronto17’s website: https://toronto.minesandtechnology.com/glsponsors/altum/. Follow our event coverage through our Linkedin page and Twitter @AltumTech

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