Slush is a week away and we are honored to be able to tell our garage story at Slush 2018! Our COO and co-founder Bo Malmberg will be the one on stage once again, this time in Slush Helsinki’s Showcase Studio stage.

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Every company ever founded has those stories that need to be told so that future founders and generations learn from it but, most importantly, learn from mistakes.

He will cover everything starting from our humble beginnings three years ago, how we came up with the idea, developed it and grew our team, to the point where we are right now. But it hasn’t always been good times around here, but we’ve learned how to stand up and move forward. This year, after winning Slush 100, pitching competition has been a life-changing one, and we are happy to share our lessons learned.

We are in no means a perfect startup, no company is, but we have learned from others that came before us and now it is our time to give back to the community.

   Bo Malmberg pitch

When and Where

Slush Helsinki 2018 | Showcase Studio stage | December 5th | 1.30 PM

Bo Malmberg will be on the Showcase Studio stage on Wednesday, December 5th at 1.30 PM to open the Cleantech track, after his keynote, there will be a Q&A. We are looking forward to seeing you there and if you have any questions, bring them with you! We’ll be happy to talk and answer them.

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