slush 100 winner Altum Technologies

Last week was one of the most epic weeks Altum Technologies has had in its very short history. Our fouling cleaning technology and startup won the Slush100 pitching competition. Slush100 competition is part of the Slush 2017 Startup Event, one of the biggest in the world and gathers companies, investors and attendees from more than 130 countries. It is crazy to think that we came top 1 from a list of more than 2600 startups!

On an interview to Slush right after the announcement of Slush100, our COO Bo Malmberg said: “I feel ecstatic, it is great to see technology like ours being recognized in the competition. We are in prime position to roll out into the rest of Europe now. This year’s Slush was an amazing experience altogether, and the feedback from the competition was valuable. I can recommend it to everyone!”

bo malmberg pitching slush100 Slush17
Photo: Samuli Pentti

Let’s eliminate fouling from Earth

Fouling is one of the biggest problems in the world, it causes 2,5% of the global CO2 emissions per year. 2,5% of CO2 equals to 272 power plants emissions or more than 200 million cars emissions (20% of the world’s total cars). Fouling occurs when industrial processes and equipment gets dirty.

As the equipment gets clogged of dirt, more energy is needed to continue the production and this will incur in more CO2 emissions. On top of it to clean the equipment, hazardous chemicals are needed which can contaminate our water resources and put the lives of industry workers in danger.

Expensive to economies and industries


Only in heat exchangers, fouling accounts for a loss of 0.25% to 30% of an industrialized country’s total value of goods produced and services provided during one year (GDP). Putting this into perspective, the GDP of the world’s 10 biggest economies is $49,4 trillion (source: World Economic Forum meaning that the costs coming from fouling easily go above $123,5 billion and this is only in the top 10 economies.

Our mission

Slush100 celebration Bo Malmberg
Photo: Petri Anttila


As a company we are aiming to remove fouling completely from the planet and help lower our carbon emissions, we need to act now and that is where our efforts are going to. Last weekend was all Slush100 celebration, this week we are all back in business and our engineers continue to work hard to develop a product that fits every single industrial equipment.

The ultimate prize for us is a healthy Earth without fouling while helping companies to save money.

We want to thank all of you who have called us, sent emails, website and personal messages on LinkedIn, we will get back to all of you as soon as possible. The attention is overwhelming and this really motivates us to continue growing.

Here you can watch our COO Bo Malmberg pitching in the Slush100 final:

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