Our goal is to help different industries clean and prevent fouling and improve their production process through Altum's software-guided power ultrasound.

Founded in 2016, Altum Technologies uses software-guided power ultrasound to remove fouling from industrial equipment without stopping production or using harmful chemicals. The cleaning is done by externally applying our device to any liquid-carrying equipment (heat exchangers, pipes, tanks, cooling towers, filters, reactors, etc.), without dismantling the equipment or making any changes to their production process. Also, our solution can reduce industrial energy consumption, purify water, clean soil, and eliminate bacteria.

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Matias Tainela
+358 40 5532 777

Esteban Soto
Marketing Director

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Matias Tainela

Bo Malmberg

Timo Rauhala

Senior Advisor
Edward Haeggström, PhD

Chief Science Officer
Petro Moilanen, PhD

Altum Technologies’ team

Altum Technologies’ founders

AltumPI solution for pipelines

AltumHX solution for heat exchangers

Tech Fundamentals

Pipeline fouling cleaning results (Before)

Pipeline fouling cleaning results (After)

Pipe with fouling, before and after with AltumPI

Pipeline fouling cleaning results (Before)Dirty heat exchanger, before Altum's approach

Clean heat exchanger, after Altum's approach

500mm Pipe with lime scale fouling, before Altum's approach

500mm pipe with lime scale fouling after 1 minute of power ultrasound sonication

Altum's system consists on a 3-part modular design

Control Application, easy-to-use software interface

Central Driving Unit, robust design for hard use on the field

Transducers and Adapters, easy-to-attach clamp on design

Company and Product Logos

Altum Technologies logo

Altum Series Logo

Power Ultrasound stamp

AltumPI (for pipelines)

AltumFI(for filters)

AltumHX (for heat exchangers)

AltumTA (for tanks)

AltumCT (for cooling towers)

AltumRE (for reactors)