The ultimate guide to power ultrasound Altum Technologies fouling

The Ultimate Guide:

What makes Power Ultrasound different? Where can it be applied? Find the answers here!

food industry burnt fouling prevention

Case study:

Preventing burnt fouling in steam injectors with Altum's software-guided power ultrasound.

pipe fouling cleaning CIP optimization ultrasound


Optimizing Clean in Place (CIP) cleaning method through Altum's software-guided power ultrasound.

plate heat exchanger altum technologies fouling removal

Case Study:

Fouling cleaning and prevention in heat exchanger through Altum's software-guided power ultrasound.

Case study:

Using Altum's software-guided power ultrasound to remove pipeline fouling in minutes.

The Guide for preventing fouling from pulp mills evaporators


Preventing Fouling from Pulp Mills’ Evaporators through Altum’s High-Power Ultrasound.