Case study: removing pipeline fouling in minutes

2018 is here, after winning Slush 100 competition and reviewing our top 5 moments of last year, it was about time to release a new case study. Previously we told the story of one of our client clogged heat exchanger, now we’ll show you how we are helping to get rid of pipeline fouling issues without having to stop their process. This time we had an impact in both the food and water industry.

Many companies are looking for more efficient alternatives to remove fouling from their processes. This is exactly where Altum Technologies fits.

In this case, our client was using many man hours to clean their equipment and pipeline mechanically or manually. On top of it cleaning it manually involved stopping the process and you know, time is money.

food processing plant Finland


Remove pipeline fouling without stopping the process


The Problem

As our client is processing food, a lot of their waste includes fat, which makes it very prone to stick to the inner walls of their equipment. The company’s sewage waters pre-processing plant in Finland was affected by this issue. The fat became rock hard, this led to clogging and eventually stopping the flow, so in August of 2017 Altum Technologies started to work at this facility.

We took the responsibility to not only clean their facility pipes with AltumPI but also improve the efficiency of their process.

Before Altum, the customer used to clean the pipeline mechanically and manually with a brush. These methods took many man hours and they had to stop the whole process to do it.

This is why they turned to Altum Technologies’ solution for pipelines, AltumPI. They didn’t have to use their employees’ time and stop the process to get rid of the fouling.

The Solution

By attaching AltumPI in the places which had the biggest issues, 10 meters of pipeline were cleaned in two cleaning cycles. The first cycle lasting 45 minutes and the second one only 15 minutes.

Now that the pipelines are clean, it is even easier to keep the process in optimal efficiency and keep the equipment clean with the help of AltumPI.

Altum Technologies for pipeline fouling removal


The Benefits

  1. No need to stop the process to remove the fouling.
  2. Flow consistency improvement which meant efficiency increase in pumping and dewatering processes.
  3. Increased the separation of water from material.
    1. AltumPI’s power ultrasound breaks the cell so that water can get out of the waste which makes the waste drier.
    2. Now the clients get drier waste, this way the compression and disposal of this waste is more efficient and cheaper to transport.
  4. It is easier to manage the whole pre-processing facility when the pump is functioning at wanted steady flow rates.
  5. Increased energy efficiency.

Altum technologies for pipeline fouling removal

Are you aware of any issues with fouling in different type of your industrial equipment? Our engineers are eager to know more about it, just contact us!