The Altum Series consist on a set of different products for several types industrial equipment including: pipelines, heat exchangers, evaporators, steam injectors, tanks and more.

Altum Technology video


AltumPI 2018 Altum Technologies

for Pipelines

AltumHX 2018 Altum Technologies

AltumHX product

for Heat Exchangers


AltumFI product

for Filters

AltumRE product

for Reactors


AltumCT 2018 Altum Technologies

AltumCT product

for Cooling Towers

AltumTA 2018 Altum Technologies

AltumTA product

for Tanks

The Altum Series uses our unique power ultrasound to clean and prevent fouling even from the most difficult of places. All this without the need of stopping production or using chemicals.

The size and power of each of our products vary depending on your need, but this isn’t something that you should worry about! All you need to do is to let us know in what type of equipment you are having issues and we’ll do the rest to provide you with the specific solution.

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