In the food processing industry, fouling is one of the major challenges that generally causes high cleaning costs and production reduction. Such an issue then results in the increasing use of chemicals, energy, and water consumption among many food industry companies.

Altum’s software-guided power ultrasound provides multiple benefits to performing effective cleaning. Moreover, Altum’s solution not only enables industrial companies to eliminate and prevent different types of fouling but also helps to improve the processing of a quality end product. All this is possible without the need to stop the production or dismantling the industrial equipment.

Our team members Shabana Ahmadzai, Senior Service Engineer, and Clem Chappuis, Account Executive, have recently published an article in Pumps & Systems online magazine about cleaning methods applicable to steam injectors with burnt fouling. The article includes two case studies that provide a clear description of how to improve the cleaning process and prevent fouling development. The result pictures of each case study illustrate the difference between cleaning results both with and without the use of Altum’s power ultrasound.

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