Clean in Place (CIP) is known as one of the most common cleaning methods used in several industries and food production is one of the industries that heavily rely on this cleaning method. While CIP enables companies to achieve hygienic results, the cleaning method is also presenting several challenges. Luckily, Altum has a technological solution that can be utilized in conjunction with different types of cleaning methods, including CIP, and provide effective results.

In our latest article published in Food Quality & Safety, our industry expert, Clément Chappuis, shares his knowledge on how CIP can be optimized with Altum’s software-guided power ultrasound. The article provides further insights into the main parameters and starting points to be considered when building a relevant optimization strategy that, at the same time, yields quality improvements and monetary savings (e.g. extra production capacity and utilities). It also introduces software-guided power ultrasound as a novel solution that can be used as a both as CIP support and a fouling mitigation tool during the production time.

To find out more about CIP optimization and how it can be paired with Altum’s solution, you can read the full article at Food Quality & Safety website through the following link: 


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