Altum Series is utilized in water purification and in sewage treatment facilities. It is utilized in both industrial and municipalities. It is commonly used to keep different pipes and tanks clean of fouling. Our customers are also using it to increase the dry material content of the waste, separation, micro-bubbles creation and process efficiency. Altum Series can also kill bacteria when combined with other approaches.

Benefits of using Altum's software-guided power ultrasound

Mineral build-up:

  • Power ultrasound is a very fast way to get rid of any type of mineral build-up. It has a scaling prevention effect over long distances (up to several tens of meters), without any need to use toxic chemicals.

Biofouling and fat blockage:

  • Power ultrasound can remove various types of biofouling. In particular, it is a very strong emulsifier and will break in minutes the hardest fat blockages in pipes and unclog them. Besides shock treatment abilities, it is a useful prevention tool, particularly in places with irregular flow.

Sludge dewatering:

  • Power ultrasound increases dry material content in wet sludge by 2 to 5%, allowing major savings in transportation costs and reducing landfill space need.


  • A fast-developing field is the power ultrasound’s ability to speed up and improve the disinfection process, alone or combined with chemicals.


Case Study:

Using Altum's software-guided power ultrasound to remove pipeline fouling in minutes without stopping the process.

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