Pulp and paper industry has two main challenges. The first one is to establish a more efficient process in a traditional pulp and paper business, while the second is to grow new sources of revenue. Due to a fierce cost competition, production efficiency is the key to surviving in the traditional pulp & paper business.  

Kraft Pulping method has been the dominant pulping method for years. Produced pulps could be used for both traditional paper business, as well as for new businesses, such as biomass energy or nanocellulose production. While Kraft Pulping has become the most common pulping method for its clear advantages, it still has a clear weakness – being prone to fouling. Fouling decreases process efficiency wears out equipment and consumes more energy for the same production output.  

Benefits of using Altum's software-guided power ultrasound

  • It contributes to getting more up-time. It is highly effective in removing and preventing mineral scaling which very common in different stages of the pulp production process.
  • Fouling in the evaporation process of black liquor can be prevented with ultrasound, decreasing evaporation downtime and removing the need for mechanical cleaning. 
  • It provides a safer working environment and is environmentally-friendly since no chemical is needed for cleaning.  
  • It contributes to minimizing the overall maintenance cost for equipment, as the risk of corrosion is decreased. High-pressure water washing, on the other hand, drastically increases corrosion risks – increasing the overall maintenance cost.  
  • Power ultrasound is already actively used in the extraction and isolation of Cellulose Nano Fibers from pulps. The solution is also developed to be suited with various needs in pulp & paper production process. 


In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, power ultrasound can help companies in prolonging MTBM (Mean Time Between Maintenance) from 12 months to 18 months. Power ultrasound is starting to become one of the key technologies that would enable companies in pulp and paper industry to become more competitive. 


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