The cleaning process is a vital step in the food industry. Achieving maximum hygienic performance is requested and obtained by a combination of Clean-in-Place and manual cleaning. These methods have a high cost in work time, chemicals, energy, and water. In addition, production capacity is often reduced by lengthy washes with a particularly high cost when equipment is production bottlenecks (e.g. sterilizers, evaporators, fillers).

Benefits of using Altum's software-guided power ultrasound

  • Removing soil that CIP cannot perform (e.g. sugar or proteins burnt during heat treatment) and protecting the end-product from contamination by these residues. 
  • Improving the mechanical effect of chemical cleaning in places where design is challenging to change and thereby washing performance is poor.  
  • Emulsifying fatty soils and allow to get rid quickly of fat deposits, allowing water to remove them in places where CIP/caustic cannot be used.
  • Getting rid of bacteria and other biological contaminants, and making the process more efficient by combining it with chemical disinfection.
  • Preventing clogging in most sensitive places.
  • Homogenizing products and making equipment less prone to fouling.

Power ultrasound is a flexible tool that can be used both during production as a fouling prevention tool and as a support of other cleaning methods to make these methods more efficient and less costly. The main gains achieved are quality improvements, production time increases, and savings in chemical and manual labors.



Optimizing Clean in Place (CIP) cleaning method through Altum's software-guided power ultrasound.

Case study:

Preventing burnt fouling in steam injectors with Altum's software-guided power ultrasound.

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