The year 2018 for Altum Technologies summed up in one word:  P R O D U C T I V E.  

As we mentioned previously, winning the Slush100 pitching competition in 2017 was just the beginning. And it indeed was as many milestones worth sharing took place after that.  

This year our team had a privilege to represent Altum Technologies at various industrial events and help other companies to clean fouling with the use of our ultrasonic technology. Also, we were able to develop our solution, enlarge our vision, and experience several accomplishments within our team. As this year is coming to an end, we decided to share the moments that made this year spectacular for Altum Technologies.  

1. Company growth

During this year, our company has attracted 10 new talents! We have gained a new addition to our tech, sales and marketing teams. This has been a great help in pushing Altum’s brand forward and raising awareness of the issues caused by industrial fouling. As a company, we have excelled in hiring professional, ambitious and innovative people that make Altum a great place to work at.

Our company culture is vibrant, international and supportive. Together with our team, we value transparency and loyalty in everything we do. We share our mutual achievements, but also provide the needed help and support to each other during challenging times. Taking care of our team members is something we will continue doing, no matter the year or season. We encourage you to do the same.

After summer 2018, Altum Technologies have attracted new talents.

2. New Office in Helsinki

Altum Technologies has been operating at the Kumpula science campus of University of Helsinki ever since the company was founded. The office premises are quite compact and used mainly by tech employees for lab purposes. As our team has begun to grow during the year, so did the need for more workspace.

Finding a new office was not an easy task, and it took us a few attempts before finally choosing the right option that fulfilled our preferences. In September, we signed an agreement and moved to our new office premises located at Eteläranta 8 – an idyllic location with a magnificent view of the seaside and market square of Helsinki.

Who wouldn’t feel motivated to work with a view like this? 😉

3. First Expansion Abroad

Altum Technologies was founded to become a global company. The expansion has, therefore, been one of our top priorities for the past two years. In August 2018, we announced our very first expansion to Las Vegas, the United States, on the back of undisclosed funding round. 

Next year, Altum Technologies will be working in collaboration with WaterStart, a Las Vegas-based cluster of global leaders in the implementation of water innovation.  

 Our first international office will be opened in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2019.

Taking our business overseas will enable us to stay closer to our US-based customers, while also having the ability to grow our customer base in the market which has a massive demand for our technology. We aim to help the US companies remove industrial fouling and solve water management issues with Altum’s power ultrasound.  

Click here to find out more about our first expansion to the US.  

4. Social Media Presence

The year of 2018 has been more active for Altum’s social media presence than ever before. Thanks to our marketing team, we have managed to connect with the right audience, enhance our brand awareness, and communicate what sustainability and clean technology truly means to us.

The effective use of social media requires conducting a strategic plan and testing different techniques to find your brand’s social media voice – which is what we did. Enhancing our presence in social media helped us to reach out to our new customer base and create new partnerships. We cannot wait to share these success stories with you next year!

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5. The Release Of AltumPI MARK III  

In February 2018, we launched the third generation of AltumPI, a fouling cleaning device with significant improvements in its software. AltumPI Mark III is formed of three important components: the software, central unit, and ultrasonic clamp-on transducers. Due to its updated software and a completely new clamp-on attachment, the latest version of AltumPI can tackle different fouling types more efficiently than previously launched devices.

AltumPI Mark III was released in February 2018.

A quick reminder: Altum Technologies uses a software guided power ultrasound technology. While the clamp-on transducers are the ones doing the cleaning magic by sending ultrasonic waves, our software is the brain of our technology. This means that without the software, it would be impossible to control the power ultrasound and to clean fouling from the inside of the industrial equipment exactly how we want it.  

Click here to find out more about our ultrasonic technology. 

6. Series A Funding

This year we raised several million in our Series A round of financing, which is perhaps the most exciting thing a startup can experience. This new financing round enabled us to recruit new talents to grow the company in headcount, ramp up our sales and supply chain activities, and move to new facilities. 

“Time to market is crucial for startups. To satisfy the ever-increasing customer needs, we wanted to scale up Altum’s delivery capabilities as fast as possible. This, of course, required a lot of monetary resources, and we are grateful for our first investor Lifeline Ventures, new investor Maki VC and Business Finland for supporting our global growth.” says Matias Tainela, CEO of Altum Technologies.  

Maki VC, Lifeline Ventures and Business Finland support the global growth of Altum Technologies.

7. Technology Patents

And finally, this year, we were granted two patents for our software guided power ultrasound. The first one took place in October 2018, and it focused on time-reversal software. Next month we received good news on our second patent, which was granted for AI and the detection and cost-efficiency of Altum’s system.  

Matias Tainela, CEO of Altum Technologies, has shared his perspective on this topic: 

“We have filed several patent applications to multiple countries to gain global patent protection for our technology. The roadmap for the upcoming application process is clear to us, and, as our technology is developing, we will be filing many patent applications in 2019 as well.”  

Altum’s tech team is always excited to create new developments in our technology.


What a year! Accomplishing all these things wouldn’t have been possible without our team and the effort they have put into getting Altum Technologies this far. Thank you all for your contribution to making this year successful! Stay tuned as we have so many things coming in 2019 we cannot wait to share with you!


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