Recently we have been receiving many questions about our power ultrasound technology and its performance.  We have gathered answers to the five most asked questions. We want our audience to have a better and more detailed understanding of our technology and its impact on industrial fouling. 

1. What makes Altum’s cleaning solution unique compared to other technology providers?  

Currently, there is no other technology that can clean industrial equipment without chemicals and without the need to stop the production process. There are, of course, a few technology providers in the market that offer similar ultrasonic cleaning solutions. However, most of them can clean only small pipes (up to 32 mm), while our technology can clean different liquid carrying equipment of varying size, wall thickness, and length. 

Many industrial companies are forced to stop their production due to the fouling, which (depending on each company’s production process) can cause revenue losses worth several million. Altum’s ultrasonic solutions not only can clean any industrial equipment sustainably and effectively but also allows our customers to maintain their profitability while being able to continue the production process. 

2. How does the Altum’s system work?  

Altum’s solution is designed according to the needs and application of our customers. Our technology works best with liquid carrying equipment because the ultrasound performance has the best cleaning effect through the liquid. Our current standard device is used on equipment that reaches temperatures up to 150°C. Nonetheless, there is no actual limitation in temperatures as we are working on a solution to run the cleaning process on temperatures that can reach up to 700-800°C.

While the standard low power ultrasound baths and other similar prevention systems operate with just a few hundreds of watts, Altum’s cleaning solution works in a range of thousand watts and above. This is enough to clean pipes completely in only a few minutes.


3. What type of fouling your technology cleans?  

We are experienced in cleaning such fouling types as biofilmsbiofoulingmineral scalingslurriesfat fouling, and chemical reaction fouling. As mentioned previously, power ultrasound technology works best when the industrial equipment contains liquid. This is because ultrasound can travel through liquid and clean fouling effectively.

With Altum Series, we are also able to clean soft fouling and slurries. However, the cleaning process of these fouling types has its challenges. Some sticky and elastic fouling (e.g., silicon-like build-ups) are harder to clean, especially when the dry material content is high that the capability of power ultrasound is lost. 


 4. What is the cleaning distance reach?  

The cleaning distance varies from meters to tens or hundreds of meters. Its reach is highly dependent on the material of the equipment, type of liquid and fouling, pressure, the thickness of the wall, and other industrial related criteria. We are continually gathering data based on our customer cases, to be able to share a precise estimation and effect of the cleaning distance in the future.  

For example, the picture below indicates the results of cleaning 10 meters of pipeline in two cleaning cycles. The first cycle lasted 45 minutes, and the second only 15 minutes. This was one of our previously conducted case studies in which we tested the efficiency of Altum’s cleaning solutions without stopping the production process. Click here to read more about it.

Power ultrasound can clean long-distance pipelines


5. How IoT (Internet of Things) is integrated to your lab?  

Our company’s main product is a software-guided power ultrasound technology. Our software allows us to monitor all Altum devices operating in the field to stay optimized in the real-time cleaning process. This is also related to quality assurance for a recently launched system. Our latest software version of Altum Series can operate as such without the IoT integration to Altum’s laboratory premises.

And that’s all! We hope this information answered your questions. 🙂

To learn more about our technology,  download our FREE Ultimate Guide to Power Ultrasound from the link below. The guide includes more information on the following topics: 

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