June has been a great month for Finnish cleantech and especially for Altum Technologies. During the last two years, we have been preparing to be able to release a world-class ultrasound technology that tackles fouling issues without the need to stop production to clean the equipment in need.

It is easy to explain what we do in a sentence but completely different to do it in practice. This is why when we took on the challenge to develop our products we decided to do it properly and release the products with a big boom. For this, we invited representatives from the press and from 7 of the most important industries that have challenges with keeping their equipment clean.

First and foremost, we set the date and made it public: June 7th. This way we knew our deadline and there was no way back, putting that sense of urgency that is vital to get things done in time. Venue: what else than the Cleantech Showroom from Allas Sea Pool, which is in the middle of Helsinki and in front of the presidential palace. It was just the perfect place.

The day came and it was a beautiful sunny day in Helsinki, summer had just started in time for our launch. We welcomed our guests with cocktail bites, sparkling wine, and a program full of insights that included a live demo of our system.

The program included keynotes from our management team: Matias Tainela (CEO), Prof. Edward Haeggström (CTO), and Bo Malmberg (COO). As a guest speaker, we had Juha Lindfors from Lifeline Ventures.

The event kept building on the excitement as everyone knew how we were going to present our solution, then the moment of truth, this is what our team of engineers led by Timo Rauhala has been waiting for. Timo came in and advised everyone to put earplugs on, when it comes to ultrasound you won’t really hear it because of the high-frequency levels but we use so much power, that in an open pipe like the one we used, sound pressure level goes so high that ear protection is needed.

Curious of what Power Ultrasound sounds like and what it can do to dirty industrial equipment such as pipes? Take a look at this! We clean fouling without stopping production. (Don’t worry, there is no need for ear protection in this case):

Timo went through the different levels of power of our solution, you could feel pulses of sound in your body as the system cleaned the 500mm metallic pipe. During the demo we made use of IoT capabilities to stop the cleaning process from our mobile app and just like the video above, after only 1 minute of cleaning, the results were obvious.

Soon after the demo, our co-funders jumped on the stage for a Q&A session to answer all the possible inquiries our guests had.

We are stoked by the amount of interest in our solution. Inquiries are coming in from several countries around the world, we will definitely keep on providing our expertise and the best service for current and future customers.

On behalf of the Altum Technologies team, I would like to thank Lifeline Ventures, Tekes, and University of Helsinki for the support they have given us, we definitely wouldn’t be here without them. Also a big thanks to each person who joined us for the launch and made this day a remarkable one for us.

We are all set to improve industries and lives through ultrasound. The Altum Series set of products has been officially released worldwide, so if you are facing challenges related to cleaning equipment such as heat exchangers, pipes, tanks, and other types, remember we can clean fouling effortlessly with focused Power Ultrasound and the best part, no need to stop production.

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