We are excited to announce the Altum Series’ Cleantech-as-a-Service model. It really can’t get easier than this to remove industrial fouling.

After releasing our first product AltumPI, in June of this year, we have learned a lot by partnering with companies who are leaders in their respective industries. This has allowed continuing not only developing our Power Ultrasound cleaning technology but also the way we want to make it available to anyone with industrial fouling issues.

Our story in brief

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Altum was founded in May 2016 to increase the energy efficiency of process industries radically and to make industrial processes more environmentally friendly. All of this to help us achieve a greater good, improve people’s lives through power ultrasound.

Back in 2014, our founders had received direct requests from several companies to develop a system that could clean fouling from their industrial equipment while their process was running and without the need to use any chemicals to do this type of maintenance.

Fouling in industrial production equipment costs billions of euros year after year. Studies have shown that fouling may contribute up to 2.5% of global CO2 emissions while reducing the global GDP by 0.25%.

The Power Ultrasound technology is 100% cleantech, removes biofouling with ease and can even kill a different type of bacteria in water.

After partnering with incredibly talented people from the University of Helsinki, Altum developed and released the first and only solution that uses power ultrasound to remove fouling from industrial equipment (e.g. pipes, tanks, heat exchangers, filters, cooling towers, etc.) Altum’s industrial cleaning solution can be used without equipment disassembly, stopping the production process or using harmful chemical

Altum’s Cleantech-as-a-Service Solution

We are excited to present a Cleantech-as-a-Service (CaaS) model. The purpose of using CaaS means that we provide our full service for a fixed monthly fee. The minimum service period is 12 months.

Our completed projects and case studies have already led to the first commercial Altum Series operation agreements. The Altum Series solution is offered in different sizes, depending on customer needs.

The two-channel solution is the smallest module, while the biggest one can include tens of channels. This modularity helps us to canalize more power and effectiveness to the cleaning.

Altum Technologies clean pipes fouling

Why a CaaS model?

We want our clients to get ROI as quickly as possible after using Altum’s Power Ultrasound. The Cleantech-as-a-Service model makes it much easier to achieve quantitative results in both the short and long term.

When using the device through a CaaS agreement, our customers get access to the following:

  1. Planning
  2. Installation
  3. Hardware
  4. Software
  5. Training
  6. Remote monitoring (IoT)
  7. Maintenance

Do you have fouled industrial equipment?

You shouldn’t stop production from getting the equipment cleaned up, let us take care of it. Our engineers will be happy to take a look at your case, you can contact us from this link.

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