Mining is one of the biggest industries in the world. Because of its processes, it also has a massive amount of fouling issues. Fouling isn’t just stopping the process for maintenance, but it also decreases productivity. On top of that, it increases equipment costs, energy consumption, among plenty of other things.

For us, this situation created an opportunity to be solvers in a world that needs it. After years of research and development, Altum Technologies’ founders came up with something that was never tried before: cleaning fouling without stopping production. A massive challenge, but we made it possible thanks to the capabilities of Power Ultrasound. So now companies around the world can clean fouling with no production stoppages or equipment disassembly.

Mining industry amazed with new cleaning tech

During this week, we are in Toronto presenting our breakthrough to mining industry leaders. Our CEO Matias Tainela and COO Bo Malmberg have already experience mining companies, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to come to Toronto Mines and Technology conference. We’ve had amazing conversations and getting positive feedback about our Altum Series solution.

” It’s truly fantastic to promote Altum Series here in Canada. People are amazed what Altum Series can do to help with their fouling issues in various different mining processes. Fouling really is a huge global issue. Toronto Mines and Technology event has brought us concrete customer cases in which we can immediately proceed towards long-lasting benefits to our customers.” –CEO Matias Tainela

Thinking about a fouling-free process?

 It is possible! Today is our last day at the Toronto Mines and Technology conference, and if you are around, please come over to stand six where you can meet us and ask anything you want. If you are not attending the event, you can contact us through our website. Our engineers will take care of your inquiries and find a suitable solution to your problem. 

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