Fouled industrial pipelines, a total nightmare, it doesn’t matter from where you see it. Pressure goes up, energy consumption sky-rockets, production needs to be stopped, and someone needs to get rid of that fouling or clogged pipe as fast as possible.

Industries keep having the same issue. For centuries since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the world has been dragging this problem. After so many technological advances and the need to use our resources more efficiently, it is hard to believe that the world is throwing away entire fouled pipelines and still seeking the best way to get rid of fouling.

We all know there are many ways to fight against fouling, but there wasn’t one method that could deal with the issue in a fast way, non-destructive and with no chemical use, then Power Ultrasound came to be.

fouled industrial pipelines

Fouled industrial pipelines: How do I get rid of this headache?

Google is full of searches on this issue. Daily industrial maintenance and R&D professionals are looking for “how to clean fouling?”, “methods to remove biofouling”, “preventive solutions for scaling,” and the list goes on.

So, how do I exactly solve an issue that is such a headache in my job? Well, yes, there are several options, just as there are countless amounts of medicines for a problem. But nailing down to the best solutions, there are very few that are targeted and don’t have any side effects.

Three major ways of getting rid of fouling in pipes

Luckily, we do have made advancements in methods against fouling. The three major ones that have proven to work are the more traditional methods, such as mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Then you have the newest kid in the block, Power Ultrasound cleaning.

Here you can find a comparison table to make it easier to understand what are the main differences between these methods.

fouling cleaning methods comparison Altum Technologies

fouling cleaning methods comparison

Ever since the beginning, our clients were tired of the inefficiencies of the traditional cleaning methods. Future looking companies from several industries teamed up with us to find the best solution and this is how Power Ultrasound came to be.

Nowadays, Power Ultrasound is the only way to remove fouling from pipelines without stopping the production process, without making any changes to the process and let’s scratch this one off the list too, no toxic chemicals.

So we want you to be extremely informed on how to tackle the issue of fouled industrial pipelines whichever size they are. Below is an ultimate guide to help you make a game-changer decision. Of course, if questions come up at any point, we’ll be happy to support you. Just write to us here.

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