Spring is finally here, and so is Friday! Behind every company, some specific actions and details helped it to get to the point where it is today. Altum Technologies is not an exception to that list. Therefore, we want to share five facts about our company, and hopefully, you can learn something new about us.

1. Our company name was inspired by the Latin language

It took a couple of hours for co-founders to come up with a proper name for our company. Matias Tainela, CEO of Altum Technologies, shares his memories of how our company name was decided:  

“We wanted to have a unique name for our company that can be easily used and understood on a global level. The only requirement was that the first name should start with and include the word “technologies”. We thought that having the first initial could boost our visibility as our company’s name would be on top of the list, among others.  

The word “Altum” comes from the Latin language and means “high”. When we used “Altum” together with the name “technologies”, it seemed like a simple yet perfect combination. We offer our customers high technology solutions which help them to clean efficiently and achieve high performance for their production process. That is how the name Altum Technologies was created, and to this day, we are utterly satisfied with this choice.” 

2.  Our company slogan and logo 

While inventing a company name was a natural step to implement, choosing the right slogan put our tech team to a never-ending brainstorming session on how our slogan should sound like. It took about 50 iterations (including terrible ones)to come up with a decent slogan. We came down to have two options:  

1) Transforming Sound into Industrial Performance 

 2) Transforming Sound into Performance 

Finally, after spending a long day at the lab and going through different slogan versions, our tech team suggested to leave out words “transforming” and “industrial” as they were too long. “We wanted our slogan to sound catchy and deliver an important message of what we do. Sound waves of power ultrasound enable Altum to clean and prevent fouling issues, which is something we like to emphasize in everything we do”, says Esteban Soto, Marketing Director of Altum Technologies. This perspective led us to select Sound into performance as Altum’s company slogan.   


Designing our company logo was probably one of the easiest tasks. We aimed to keep the design simple, yet having a strong emphasis on the visual aspect of our solutions. Our logo was inspired by a bat using echolocation, which, in other words, demonstrates ultrasonic waves with very high frequencies. Altum Technologies was initially founded in Finland, and therefore it was a natural choice for us to use the combination of blue and white colors in our logo. Again, it’s all about simplicity. 😉

3. Our team is very international and it’s growing  

As a company with a global mindset, Altum Technologies highly appreciates and supports international talent. All work effort matters to us. Our team includes at least seven different nationalities, including Finnish, French, Irish, Japanese, Costa Rican, Russian, Indonesian, and Afghan. Whenever you would like to contact us, keep in mind that our employees are also skilled in more than 10 languages, which enables us to support our clients worldwide. Our team is fluent in Finnish, Swedish, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German, Indonesian, Dari, Pashto, and Persian languages.

We grew from 5 to 27 employees in the last three years. During this period, we also moved to new office premises in the heart of Helsinki and opened our very first office abroad in Las Vegas, the United States. Our team is growing and one of our goals is to continue expanding to a new continent next year to stay closer to our customers. 

Teamwork makes the dream work! And the picture shows only 1/4 of Altum’s team members.

4. Our technology is truly one-of-a-kind

If you have followed us for some time, you already know that Altum Technologies is the only company in the world that uses power ultrasound to clean and prevent industrial fouling. Our ultrasound technology system can be attached externally to any existing production environment without making changes to the production equipment.  

What you probably didn’t know is that our software is the most vital part of our technology. The cleaning process can only be implemented with the use of our self-adjustable software. This approach enables us to monitor energy efficiency and guide ultrasonic sound waves on the highest possible frequencies. 

Our technology has two patents, and one of them focuses on our Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature that improves the cleaning effectiveness by omitting the need for manual adjustments in the cleaning parameters. To this day, there is no other service provider that delivers the same technological solution like ours.  Click here to find out more about our technology. 

The modularity of Altum’s power ultrasound solution.

5. We are funded by Maki.vc and Lifeline Ventures  

After winning the Slush100 pitching competition in 20017, several investors became interested in our technology. Later we became funded by Lifeline Ventures and Maki.vc, which are early-stage venture capital firms based in Finland. These investments enabled us to develop our power ultrasound technology and improve its performance to a higher level, as described previously. Both Lifeline Ventures and Maki.vc has an extensive portfolio of fascinating and innovative companies. “Our goal is to become the Supercell of cleantech industry, and with the support of such lucrative venture capital firms like these, we will make our best shot to achieve this goal in the future,” says Matias Tainela, CEO of AltumTechnologies. 

Maki.vc and Lifeline Ventures support the global growth of Altum Technologies.

And that’s all! We hope you enjoyed reading our story. Did you discover something new about Altum Technologies? 🙂 Stay tuned for the upcoming posts!

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