Founded in 2016 in Helsinki, Finland, Altum Technologies uses software-guided power ultrasound to remove fouling from industrial equipment with no need for production stoppages and equipment disassembly.

The cleaning is done by externally applying our device to any liquid-carrying equipment (heat exchangers, pipes, tanks, cooling towers, filters, reactors, etc.) without making any changes to them or the production process. We combined traditional ultrasonic techniques and proprietary software with IoT and AI capabilities to create a one-of-a-kind cleantech solution.

Altum Technologies Team

In the past few short years, we were able to reach remarkable milestones, including the following:

  • Releasing our first product AltumPI
  • Winning Slush100 pitching competition 2017, read more
  • Releasing the Mark III system, read more
  • Raising Series A funding, read more
  • Making our first expansion to the US market, read more
Bo Malmberg (COO) presenting Altum Technologies in Slush100 Pitching Competition in November 2017

Altum Technologies' team is composed of the most brilliant minds from the University of Helsinki and Harvard University. Our team sums up to more than 100 years of experience in power ultrasound and electronics including several patents.

Today we have a team of 29+ professionals and over a dozen customers in different industries across the globe. We are continually developing our technology to deliver even more effective cleaning results to our customers. Read more about our industries here. 

Altum Technologies is backed by Lifeline VenturesMaki VC and Business Finland. 

Altum Technologies' co-founders. From left to right: Matias Tainela (CEO), Petro Moilanen PhD (Chief Science Officer), Timo Rauhala (CTO), Bo Malmberg (COO), Edward Haeggström PhD (Senior Advisor).