Greetings from one of the driest places in the USA: Las Vegas, Nevada! 🇺🇸

My name is Esteban Soto and I’m currently leading Altum Technologies’ subsidiary in the United States as CEO Americas while keeping my role as Global Marketing Director. Not a long time ago, our company did its very first overseas expansion to the US. Through this blog post, I would like to share our experience in developing our business in the world’s largest economy and where we stand at the moment.



The Beginning of Our Journey

It was a few months ago that we decided to step up our game and expand our business to the US, one of the most robust markets for new businesses. Altum was incorporated in Nevada in September 2018, and by February 2019, we were well headed to the US-bound.

Fouling is the most complex industrial issue to remove in the world, and North America isn’t the exception. Thanks to our investors Lifeline, and partner WaterStart, we set our eyes on Las Vegas. The decision to establish our operations here was not only because of the connections we were able to nurture during the last two years that we have been working towards the US but also because of the strategic location, advantageous time difference compared to Finland, low operational cost and local government support Nevada has for new companies. It is not just about gambling here! 😉 

After a lengthy visa approval process, we packed our bags and headed to this new endeavor, which meant a lot of learning on the way. In the beginning, we had only a little knowledge about the local legislation and tasks that had to be in place to operate efficiently. Yet we were determined to overcome these uncertainties and start learning by doing, which is one of the best self-development methods. The initial preparations also included choosing the right local law firm and accountant, which is a crucial necessity that has been helping us from the beginning.

The vibrant streets of Las Vegas.
Photo by Zachary DeBottis from Pexels

New Challenges and Learning Curves

In the past six months, we were able to develop our knowledge on how to practice business accordingly in the state of Nevada. From HR and benefits to insurances and taxation combined with business development and client cases, have been the biggest learning curve to which we are successfully adjusting.

On top of that, by having a local presence in the area, we wanted to give back the confidence and trust that our partners and clients have given us while assuring our future clients and stakeholders that Altum will continue to strive in providing the top quality service and local support that we are known for.

It hasn’t been an easy walk in the park. A lot of work had to be done here, both operational and technology-wise. We have overcome many challenges on the way, which emphasizes Altum’s ability to operate in bigger markets. I’m incredibly proud of our brilliant team of 30 professionals (and counting) continually working to develop groundbreaking methods to eliminate fouling through Altum’s unique technological solution.

The Outcome: New Opportunities

I’m also very proud to say that we have reached contractual agreements and currently working with important companies in California covering the food production and chemical industry. Our customers’ main target is to prevent fouling from happening, and we are motivated to accomplish this goal.

Our path doesn’t end here, and we are constantly working on cases from water, food production, chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and other industries. Every process industry is facing challenges with production inefficiency and getting their equipment filled with industrial dirt. Luckily Altum can solve this issue by using software-guided high-power ultrasound without using time-consuming mechanical cleaning and ineffective CIP. Our solution is now in North America to stay.

One of Altum’s central units at our customer’s factory in California.

Contact Us

Hence, if you have any fouling issue you would like us to review, please contact us. Our tech team will analyze your case at no cost. As soon as we have the case details from you, we will take a look at it and let you know how we plan to solve the issue.

Thank you for trusting us with your cases and for stepping out of the traditional ways of fouling cleaning. There is always a much powerful, ecological, and efficient way to get rid of fouling, and it is through software-guided high-power ultrasound. With your help, we will continue transforming the whole industrial maintenance landscape around the world.


Esteban Soto                    

CEO Americas and Global Marketing Director