Previously we shared two customer case studies from the food industry. In the first one, we used Altum’s software-guided power ultrasound to prevent burnt fouling in the steam injector. In contrast, the second case study explains how to optimize the Clean in Place (CIP) cleaning method through Altum’s solution. In our new case study, we were able to fix the fouling issue in both the food and water industries.

Our customer company is processing food and most of their water waste includes fat that sticks to the sewage pipeline. The company’s sewage pre-processing plant, located in central Finland, was affected by this issue. Before Altum, the customer used mechanical and manual cleaning methods, which was time-consuming and required stopping the whole production. We used AltumPI to clean the customer’s facility pipes, which not only helped our customer to clean their pipes in minutes but also improved the efficiency of their process.

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Water industry case study results