After a long selection process and out of 300 companies, Altum Technologies, with the other 12 startups, has been selected to team up with TERRARocketSpaceRabobank, and leading global food production companies to tackle key issues in the food industry. 

Founded in 2016 by RocketSpace and Rabobank, TERRA is a leading global innovation accelerator fueling groundbreaking transformation in Food & Agriculture. The program brings together experts, decision-makers and innovators across the entire value chain – fostering connections that catapult breakthroughs into scalable solutions by pairing emerging growth companies with established multinationals, in a pilot-driven engagement that leads to tangible results.

“Altum was one of the top startup applicants in TERRA’s fourth Cohort. They generated the most interview requests from our corporate collaborators and were a top selection for pilot partnerships.” –Carin Gerhardt, Manager at RocketSpace. 

The news comes ahead of Terra’s fourth Cohort event, to be held in San Francisco on September 23rd, 24th, and 25th. The global food production corporations taking part in this selection and accelerator program are Beta San Miguel, GrainCorp, Griffith Foods, OSI, Meat & Livestock Australia, and Tate & Lyle. Esteban Soto and Clément Chappuis will be representing Altum Technologies during the event.


Tackling unsolved fouling issues in the food industry

“We are extremely happy about being able to provide a solution that many food industry companies have seen as beneficial to reach their production goals”, says Esteban Soto, Altum’s CEO Americas“It has been a great process so far with Terra. Not only has it helped us to present our technology to food industry leaders, but also the corporations involved have the commitment to make things happen. This mentality is crucial when the aim is to completely disrupt their industry in improving food quality and process efficiency.”

Altum Technologies applied to the accelerator in March of 2019, and our unique software-guided power ultrasound solution against industrial fouling didn’t go unnoticed. During these past weeks, Altum’s engineers have been reviewing and analyzing different fouling issues presented by Terra participating corporations, and the process is now in the final stage. The goal is to implement a project in the upcoming weeks to tackle fouling issues that have gone unsolved in the food industry before.

“Being part of Terra is a logical continuation of our fast development in the food industry”Clément Chappuis, Altum’s Account Executive, and Food Industry expert comments. “Our key applications – removal of burnt food residues, removal of scale, and removal of fat – are generating significant time and utility savings for our customers. Power ultrasound has been used both as a CIP support – to shorten washing time and reduce the use of toxic chemicals – as well as a way to lengthen production runs and avoid CIP completely for longer periods, for example, in steam sterilizers. We are very excited to discuss it further with Terra participating companies and stakeholders”.


Invitation to other food production companies to join Altum

Fouling is everywhere and we would like to help sooner rather than later. If your company has fouling issues and this is affecting your CIP cleaning, product quality, production efficiency or any other aspect, please contact us. Upon getting your message, one of Altum’s process optimization experts will reach out to you promptly with a suitable solution to your case.