Altum Morning Star Case Webinar

Together with our client The Morning Star Company we participated in the 3rd Food Safety & Quality Summit and jointly spoke about the challenges that come with fouling specially during heat treatment processes.

Altum and Morning Star have been collaborating since 2019 to keep their equipment free from fouling, specifically from the steam injector in the heat treatment process at the final stage of tomato paste production.

Since 1970, Morning Star have grown into the largest tomato processor in the world, processing around 30% of California’s processed tomato tonnage. As such they have a unique take on innovation and they constantly look for new technologies to improve their production year over year, allowing them to become the industry leader in the processed tomato market. For this reason when Morning Star approached Altum with their fouling case we knew that it was something it had never been tried before. After 2 years of close collaboration we have achieved the unthinkable, keeping a flash cooler steam injector clean from burn-on fouling for the whole production season, a World’s first.

Case Study Webinar

In the following webinar, you will learn more about both companies and our technology but most importantly you will get a deep understanding of the burn-on fouling issue and how it was solved by using Altum’s software-guided high-power ultrasound.


  • Tod Harter, Lead Food Technologist, The Morning Star Company
  • Shabana Ahmadzai, Director of Technical Services, Altum Technologies
  • Esteban Soto, CEO Americas, Altum Technologies

Watch the Case Study Webinar here:

If in a rush, jump straight to the case study part in minute 10:50 (shortcut:

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