Our CEO Matias Tainela and COO Bo Malmberg, are already in Lappeenranta, Finland. They will talk about eliminating scaling from the mining industry as part of the 13th International Mine Water Association Congress IMWA 2017.

“IMWA 2017’s Congress theme will be “Mine Water & Circular Economy”, which will be presented in 243 oral and poster presentations. Circular economy means, “closing the loop” of product life-cycles by improving recycling and re-use. In the case of mining water, this means that mining wastes and mine water are used to extract valuable materials, such as metals, fertilizers, or adsorbents for wastewater purification.” –Christian Wolkersdorfer, IMWA 2017 Congress Chair.

Mining and reliable mine water management are a topic of great importance for the worldwide mining industry. Many companies are having lots of problems with scaling in equipment such as tanks and pipelines. This is why Altum was invited to participate and present our one-of-a-kind system, which cleans scaling with power ultrasound without the need to stop production.

The IMWA 2017 congress will continue until June 30th, even if you are not at the event but interested in hearing more about how Altum set of power ultrasound cleaning products can make your production and maintenance processes more efficient contact us! We can’t wait to help.

Eliminating scaling: Altum at IMWA 2017