Altum runner-up imperial challenge 2020

During beginning of November, Altum participated in the Imperial Challenge 2020. Sponsored by Imperial Oil Limited and organized by the Consulate General of Canada in Seattle together with Perkins Coie and the CleanTech Alliance, this challenge showcase innovative clean technologies applicable to the oil and gas sector, for example, technologies that enhance facility reliability or operations efficiency.

Altum’s Bo Malmberg and Markus Eklund were handed over the task of pitching our solution to a panel of industry experts set by the organizers. Due to the nature of Altum’s technology and the benefits it provides to the Energy and Oil & Gas sectors, the solution was selected finalist and ended as runner-up. Altum’s system prevents and cleans fouling from industrial equipment to keep production efficient at all times.

Climate Change on Top of the Agenda

Another important aspect that the challenge was looking for was that the solution needed to have a positive impact to fight climate change. Imperial believes that climate change needs urgent actions from everyone, business, governments and consumers, it takes all of us to have significant progress. This is were Altum’s solution becomes crucial in lowering CO2 emissions from industrial production facilities, keeping equipment such as heat exchangers, evaporators and pipelines free of fouling mean less carbon footprint as energy demand and emissions decreases if the equipment is clean at all times.

“It was great to be part of Imperial Challenge not just to showcase our solution but also to let the industry understand the potential that new technology is having in reducing energy usage and increasing process efficiency. ” -Markus Eklund, Altum’s Energy Sector Business Unit Director.

What’s next?

Altum is currently in conversations with many energy companies to help them implement the technology in their own facilities to get rid of fouling issues while improving their production capacity and efficiency.

Do you have a fouling/scaling case that you would like Altum’s engineers to take a look at? Contact us to get an analysis of your case and forget of that fouling issue that keeps you up at night.

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