It has been a fantastic year! Now it’s a good time to take a look back at what we were able to achieve and thank you all who have been a part of this amazing journey; partners, customers, and investors, who have made all this possible.

Altum Technologies was founded in mid-2016, so 2017 was our first full year. During these months, we took the difficult task of controlling power ultrasound completely and using it to solve one of the planet’s biggest issues, fouling.

We achieved several milestones in various areas from technical to business, and we are proud of all of them, but to keep it short, we decided to pick this year’s 2017 top 5 moments.

1. From 5 to 14 people

Our team grew beyond our co-founders from 5 to 14 people. Now we have a top-notch team of 14 professionals with crucial skills in R&D, industrial & mechanical engineering, Artificial Intelligence, electronics, marketing and more. We continue to focus on a flat, transparent and open culture that puts its trust completely on each of our employees.

Altum Team image

2. Upgrading our brand design

Our website and brand got a major redesign. Based on our marketing director, our previous look and feel was “a total nightmare”, we couldn’t agree more! Design Reform took on the challenge and delivered it with the highest standards.


3. AltumPI product for pipelines launched

In June, we launched AltumPI in a big event for about 80 people at Allas Sea Pool. Through the amazing help of the San Francisco PR Agency, our launch was followed by several media coverage, including a full-page print and online article from the biggest newspaper in Finland: Helsingin Sanomat.

4. Commercialization of AltumPI

Immediately after launching, we started to work on more than 15 projects and long term agreements with several international industrial companies in Finland. We then released our Cleantech-as-a-Service model later in the year. All of this has led to an increase in revenue of 1000% compared to 2016. We intend to keep up with this growth during 2018.

Altum Series visualization

5. Winning Slush100 pitching competition

Last but not least, we were selected winners of the prestigious Slush100 pitching competition. In total, 2600 startups participated in the competition, and our COO Bo Malmberg managed to bring the win home. Haven’t you watched the winning pitch yet? Check it out here!

Banner Bo Malmberg win slush100

What is coming in 2018?

Our targets remain high; we are aiming to continue with our growth while expanding to international markets in Europe and North America. Our products will continue to improve, making them way easier and faster to install while in production. We will also release software for complicated structures such as for heat exchangers while tirelessly develop our artificial intelligence capabilities.

Once again, thank you for this great year 2017 and cheers for 2018, which is coming upon us! We can’t wait to reach our targets and share them with you.

-Altum Technologies Team