The only company to use software-guided power ultrasound to remove fouling from industrial equipment with no production stoppages and no toxic chemicals

Environmentally friendly

Second to none ultrasonic power

100% externally clamped, no welding needed

Clean and prevent fouling without stopping production

Reduce or eliminate CIP time and chemicals

Improve production efficiency and product quality

What our customers are saying about us

“In order to clean a heat exchanger, we had to stop production, open the exchanger
and clean it, which took us four working days. Now with Altum’s system, we are able
to prevent fouling from happening. The heat transfer efficiency has also improved,
allowing better heat recovery into district heating water, something we didn’t think it
was possible to do before.”

– Aleksi, Head of Maintenance, Energy & Heat industry, 2+ years of using Altum’s solution.

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The revolutionary Altum high power ultrasonic system combines traditional ultrasonic cleaning with advanced beamforming techniques to localize and effectively clean a pre-defined target point without stopping the process.


Having a specialized solution for several industries is a must, therefore our experts and technology have considered the industrial needs of pulp & paper, mining and mineral processing, oil & gas, chemical production and more.


Our products are part of the Altum series which comprises 6 devices for specialized equipment such as filters, heat exchangers, pipes, reactors, cooling towers and tanks. Each product adapts easily to different sizes and environments.

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