In energy and heat industries and in central heating/cooling, many companies face the same issues: pipelines are corroded and that corrosion causes fouling in the heating/cooling process. According to our experience, these fouling causes issues for example in plate and plate and shell heat exchangers and in various cooling towers. In heat exchangers, the fouling is caused because of hot and cold meet which causes particle build up in non-wanted places like in between of plates. Whereas in cooling towers issues are related to evaporation of different liquids and the optimal environment for the biofouling/bacteria to grow.

Due to stricter environmental legislations, the scrubbers need to function perfectly. In order for a scrubber to function as it should, the lime/chalk needs to be spread evenly through the nozzles. A common issues is that nozzles get dirty and won’t spread the liquids evenly, which in other terms means that the scrubber isn’t working perfectly.

Luckily, thanks to Altum Technologies there is a solution for all of these issues. By utilising Altum Series in connection with this kind of processes our customers in Energy and Heat can save millions of euros per year.


  • • Increase production output
  • • Don't stop production to clean industrial equipment
  • • Reduce or eliminate the need of chemicals to clean the process
  • • Make your process more energy efficient
  • • Decrease maintenance and cleaning time
  • • Comply with current and future environmental legislations
  • • Improve workplace safety


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